Emigration to Greece

Three generations of a family get Permanent residence by 250000€,without Immigration inspection.

Emigration to Greece

Three generations of a family get Permanent residence by 250000€,without Immigration inspection.

Greece's 250,000 Euro-based migrant program is designed for applicants over the age of 18, allowing the owner, spouse, children under the age of 21 and parents of both spouses, a third-generation Greek green card to enjoy free public health care and public education in Greece and access to 26 Schengen countries. Global support all over the selection of housing, not bound to the source of housing, intended to help customers choose the desired property. If you want low-cost European status; consider overseas asset planning; love Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, a pleasant climate, art and culture, and want to let their children enjoy a low-cost European education, you can bring a three-generation Greek 250,000 euro purchase project.

Greek home buyers apply for conditions

The project is for non-EU residents and the specific application conditions are as follows:
1.The main applicant is at least 18 years of age;
2.Buy more than 250,000 euros of property in Greece;
For the first time, you can follow: the spouse of the applicant, the children under the age of 21, and both parents
Spouse requirements:
The legal spouse of the main applicant holding the property is required to provide a marriage certificate, and Greece does not recognize de facto marriage
Child requirements: Children under the age of 21 (based on the date of birth on the passport) may be brought with them and are not required to be unmarried. If the child is biological or a non-biological child with complete adoption procedures under the name of the applicant or spouse, the child is over 18 years of age, it is recommended to be the direct applicant
Parents on both sides demand: no financial dependency, no age limit, as long as the original family parents can bring

The application step is 9 steps and the period is 6-Oct


Assess and sign contracts

Lock in the Greek home-buying project and sign a contract with Universal.


Schengen visa

Prepare a visa, after submission of about 10-15 working days to sign, according to the embassy hearing time.


Visit the purchase of a house

Sign the property reservation agreement to pay the deposit, sign the lawyer authorization.


(or) domestic home purchase

Select the property, pay the deposit, sign the booking agreement, sign the attorney's authorization.


Pay according to the agreed time

Pay for the room in accordance with the agreement


Transfer property

Obtain title documents 2-3 months after payment of the remaining total amount of the room.


Submit an immigration application

Submit your immigration application at the appointment time and record your fingerprints.


Waiting for approval

After recording fingerprints for 2-3 months, the Immigration Department will approve them.


Wait for the Permanent Residence Card

The Immigration Department receives the Permanent Residence Card 2-3 months after approval.